Information is key to B2B sales and marketing folks. This is one of weapons sales and marketing depends on. Keeping an eye on prospect customers is important and it is something that every marketing professional seeks. This information is used to win clients, build marketing strategy, build sales goals and provide inputs to productteam. OceanFrogs platform helps you provide you signals that one can use to target customer, have a well-informed conversation, and analyze industry trends.

Our clients use OceanFrogs to analyze Airline Industry, to determine the prospects to target. We clearly see that major airline players in North America, Europe market have invested heavily in mobile, cloud, analytics technology for long.

Industry is not under tremendous pressure to save on fuel due to low fuel prices. This has allowed them to focus on customer experience. It has increased investment and hiring in cloud, analytics, and mobility. This has allowed airlines to focus on in-flight entertainments. Many airlines have gone to partner with wi-fi, in-flight entertainment providers. Once mobile in-flight entertainment becomes prevalent, passenger behavior analysis can be a hot field for analytics. Analysis of passenger behavior will help airlines serve them better, reduce catering cost, and minimize missed connections. Finnair has always been one of the frontrunner as far as on-time performance and customer experience is concerned but I am sure they would like to figure out better ways to minimize missed connections. It is due to the main hub airport’s location in Europe that brings them business. Helsinki airport also has a good number of passengers missing their connecting flights. Always go to Finnair with that perspective in mind. Same can be said for Hawaiian Airlines. Investment made by them to make tourists comfortable tells us the revenues associated and the values that airlines care about. Any analytics use case on customer experience would bring attention from Hawaiian Airlines to you.

Major players have already invested in technologies, regional players are not behind and have invested in automated dashboarding and business intelligence. Analysis of flight legs, congestions have been a done deal and has become quite common practice since early 2000. We used to see analysis on delays in 10-15 years back. Understanding customer behavior also kept data scientists occupied in last decade. Analysis of sales, revenue, marketing using BI tools by regional players is still in demand.

Regional airline unions have also invested in analytics. I am sure airline unions do use and could use more of that given that analytics can always help them get right negotiations with the airline(s).

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