Target the right accounts in Pharmaceuticals. How do we know the right target accounts ?

We analyzed the pharmaceutical companies that do apply for approval of medicine to FDA every year.  Who should you target in case your product/services fit pharmaceutical market? We generate the list of companies with highest # of phase 3 applications approvals. These are the companies who are taking medicine to market and need help selling, will spend on marketing and sales of these drugs. Take a look, reach to decision makers of these companies, increase your sales pipeline.

It is quite evident that number of phase 3 applications and approvals are on a decline in last 10 years. Nothing worrisome though.

We also observed that average time to approval has not changed significantly over years.

Companies below have applied for a good number of medicine approval at phase 3 level. There are more companies, each fighting for a piece of pie, getting their sales, marketing teams ready, have the budget for promotion.

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