Days of cold calls in marketing domains are numbered. How many times do we respond positive to a cold call when the person on other side does not know us at all? Outbound lead generation is not an easy task. I have seen people performing exceptionally well when message is clear, some degree of intent is there on the other side. Question is – How do we know the intent on other side.
We (OceanFrogs) took data science approach to solve the problem. Wait a minute? What is the problem? It is not easy to identify who to send an email or a phone call and try to start a useful conversation. There are three questions to answer?

What organization to call? What should you talk? Who should you talk in an organization?

OceanFrogs platform is built with AI driven data science approach to solve this problem. Our natural language programming based engine generate insights on target accounts. It has become possible in last 10 years because organizations do share some information and through some channels. News, Jobs Postings, Linkedin Readership have all become available. Some datasets are still tough to mine and consolidate. It would get easier with time. In case you think data is the new commodity, give yourself a pat on the back. You would agree now that data is there all around us. Problem in marketing automation industry is that there is an ocean of data available. Ways to generate insights and the definition of the right insights is evolving gradually.

Marketing automation is about analyzing personas. Persona can be of an organization or individual. If you ever wondered what Big Data is and where it is useful. This is one such field. Content required by marketing and sales folks is being organized. Some of this content is:
1.Organization Hierarchy
2.Technology Landscape of prospect organization
3.What conferences are the decision makers attending?
4.Who is joining and leaving the organization?
5.What are organizations investing in? (through various data sources)
6.What articles are being consumed? Who is consuming these articles?

Signal and intent is all about information. This was the key differentiator between salesman before. Now it is becoming democratized. It is not humane possible to dig out clear signal manually. Not because signal is not there but because there is an ocean of data available on anything and everything. It is not easy to differentiate between intent and noise either in this hyper active LinkedIn generation. Not every data source that is big data is useful for this purpose. Henceforth, marketing automation needs good data (if not big data).

There was a time when building company directory was a good business idea. Not anymore. Owler and Hoover are re-inventing all the time. Company information is available in abundance, news is considered a free commodity. Now is the time when marketing facing information savvy professionals are willing to pay for good insights that help them sell.

Accuracy of data comes from efficient algorithms. These algorithms require the skills of natural language programming, databases, marketing domain, and business domains put together. This is the mission of OceanFrogs.