We have provided buying and investment signals from Corporate world here. This is what OceanFrogs engine produced during March 21-23, 2018. I have hidden the names of target accounts. OceanFrogs identifies what businesses (your target customers) are focusing on, what they are investing in, what is their strategy going to be. You could see that there is focus on employee engagement, predictive maintenance, MRO, Robotic process automation. Green color represents signals that we received on March 22-25, 2018 while Red color represents signals that we received on March 15-21, 2018. These are the accounts one should focus on.

Come back to get signals from Europe next week.


Job of a marketing professional is not easy these days. There is significant activity and noise on all marketing channels. It is not easy to be visible anymore. Is it due to marketing automation?

It is true that marketing automation has taken us to another level. Marketing teams have embraced or are embracing automation at unprecedented level. We do see increase in marketing budgets over last few years. Marketing teams have been fairly willing to experiment with new technologies and don’t mind spending some bucks at new software or practice.

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