Top Two Takeaways from GDPR Data Privacy Signals in European Summer

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Top Two Takeaways are :

  1. Focus on UK and Poland in your outbound and inbound marketing.
  2. Be account based. Customize your e-mails for focused data privacy rules related to your customer.

We analyzed few keywords related to GDPR for European countries for the last few weeks of April, 2018. We could see that companies in UK and USA are investing the most. Germany and Poland (aha) were not far behind. One should do an analysis for over a few months. Insights from April Data is that FATCA And MIFID were attracting more investment than others. Retail Banks, Investment Houses, Insurance giants are the leaders to invest in compliance but we could see airlines, enterprise software putting dollars in. Sources of the data is news sources, conferences, hiring trends, and technographics.

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