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Introductory Emails To Clients

Reading Time: 2 minutes Are you nervous about emailing your lead for the very first time? This trick will change the way you engage with a B2B lead.

Inbound Lead Data Enrichment

Reading Time: 2 minutes Enrichment of Inbound Leads Data Inbound leads are the results of hard work of a dedicated team of SEO experts….

Natural Language Programming is the Natural Winner !

Reading Time: 2 minutes Natural Language Programming is the Natural Winner!  Last week, a question came flying at our office lunchtime. Our customers are…

2 Key Takeaways from Technographics on Your Target Accounts

Reading Time: 1 minute Mature B2b marketing teams put tons of hours in researching key accounts. One of the datasets used in lead qualification…

Top Two Takeaways from GDPR Data Privacy Signals in European Summer

Reading Time: 1 minute Top Two Takeaways are : Focus on UK and Poland in your outbound and inbound marketing. Be account based. Customize your…

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